• Introduce

    Tan Tien Phat Tai Co., Ltd Supplying high quality packaging products such as back pouches, 8-ply bags, 4-sided bags, 3-ply bags, vertical pockets bag zipper …

  • Development stage

    Founded in 2004, Tan Tien Phat Tai constantly improves its machinery system, updates new technology, enhances its employees’ workmanship and product quality to meet the expectations of customers.

  • Mission

    Achieving the trust of customers and business partners is an important factor contributing to the success of Tan Tien Phat Tai.
    In addition, we have created many opportunities for success for our staff. Each employee can be proud to work at Tan Tien Phat Tai.

  • Means of Operation

    Tan Tien Phat Tai is committed to constantly improving product quality, improving design, welcoming the trend of creating beautiful, durable, safe, outstanding and attractive packaging.
    Take the criterion “Customer satisfaction is our success” as a guide.

  • Vision

    Become a reliable partner in the packaging industry for domestic and foreign customers by providing the best quality products and services in the market with other after-sales services.

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