9 Trends in packaging design highlights in 2017

Monday July 24th, 2017

9 Trendy packaging design trends that you should try now.

1. Simple, emphasized, clear information

Color is darkened, only 1 to 2 points on the product packaging to be able to do the key points of the product. This trend is never outdated and is often used for mainstream products for a brand.

Along with the need to shop faster and more compact as today, consumers will have very little time to see a package not eye-catching, confused in the information. So clear and well-defined packaging will keep your customer’s attention.

2. Apply Lettering

Stylized words always impress. And that is also the strength of many modern designers when Lettering requires the intervention of digital tools. This creates a sense of nostalgia for customers when they see the packaging applied Lettering.

3. Bright colors

We already know how colors affect people’s eyes. Because of that, color is always very important in packaging design. Recently, many designers have used colors in new interesting ways. Bright, cheerful and vibrant is the trend of packaging on the shelves

4. Repetition of patterns

Repeating an image will create the brand’s appeal. Accompany it is a strong message that the brand wants to send message to its customers.

5. Illustrations used to narrate content

Behind every design there is a story. Modern packaging designs have also begun to incorporate illustrations to narrate designs or to describe a brand’s subject.

6. Style mail

Do you remember the joy of opening something in your mail or on Boxing Day? Those experiences have now become more rare. Because of that, many packaging designs are recreating that feeling for you.

7. The inner product is part of the package

Nothing is more wonderful when consumers know what the product is after the packaging. There are a lot of designs that have a way of expressing themselves with the product inside as the highlight of the design.

8. Sensitive packaging design comes from Vintage style

In the past 3 years, Vintage has always had a very high position in the ton of packaging design.

9. Trends in environmentally friendly design

Eco-friendly packaging, easy to recycle, recycled materials, etc. This is a trend in packaging design. The use of recyclable materials, of natural origin, will create the cloning of the product, creating a sense for consumers.

The above are still only the most common tendencies. So for designers. Defining your own style and then developing ideas is more important. So your design will not be confused or a mixed mix of ideas.

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