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Films have a good adhesion to help stabilize the goods on pallets, avoid the loss of goods to be lost, ensure the safety of goods.



Films have a good adhesion, help fixing goods on pallets, avoid dropping goods to be misplaced, or do the goods on the move, store, ensure the safety of goods, very convenient for loading and unloading of goods. Instead of having to use ligaments or expensive airbags that are not safe, you just wrap them in PE film, which can hold goods and protect your goods very well.

PE film is thinner and more elastic than other types, so when used it will save more, saving membrane for each pallet. The pallet film is also tougher, so it is tighter wrapped, the number of wrapping rings is also less and still effective. Moreover, the cost of PE film is also very cheap, depending on the different sizes that are different but fundamentally affordable. Compared with the methods of wood barrels, or air bags … use PE film to wrap pallet goods are less expensive.

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