The process of packaging production of Tan Tien Phat Tai below will help customers better understand the steps that technicians have done.


Step 1: Design the template

After signing the contract and getting design ideas with customers, Tan Tien Phat Tai designs the design into a colorless palette. Then it will dump color in accordance with the idea.

Completed, we will send the design to customer check. The inspection phase is complete, if the customer agrees on the color and shape, they must sign each detail and color scheme in the design.

The purpose of the signing is to make a commitment to print color when it is completed as well as to ensure that customers do not arbitrarily change the color and shape of the design later on.

Step 2: Engraving printing roller (print)

Tan Tien Phat Tai will begin printing in accordance with the design.

Step 3: Production of printing film

We will use the materials in accordance with the design and commitment to customers as specified in the contract to produce the screen layers in different colors.

Step 4: Transplant the film

Uses membranes of different colors produced together. Technician and design grafting process will closely monitor the standard color grading board as previously designed by the customer.

Step 5: Split the coil

When the membrane is completed, the technician begins to split into multiple rolls. This is a necessary step to preserve easily, ensure the quality and especially able to move the grafts at any time in the future.

Step 6: Cut the bag

From the membrane rolls, Tan Tien Phat Tai will cut and process the bags in the same pattern as the customer requested.

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