BOPP Printing Material

Thursday September 7th, 2017

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is made from PP plastic and is used for many applications such as:
– Roll on labels, book covers, magazines …
– Soft food packaging for instant noodles, confectionery, coffee …
– Sealing tape
– Bags for shirts, trousers, CDs, …
– Tobacco wrap, flower wrapping paper, food

What is membrane laminate?

Film laminating is a thin layer of plastic film (usually BOPP film) that attaches to the surface of the print by means of a glue that is glossy, waterproof and protects the print surface from being scratched.

Water-retention glue: BOPP film is coated with liquid adhesive and then pressed onto the printed surface. Advantages are low investment machine, easy to find materials, low price, high speed but harmful and pollution (when using solvent thinners); waste of glue, more preparation time, need dry time without drying.

Heat film laminating: BOPP film with adhesive. The membrane melts the glue and simultaneously presses the membrane onto the surface of the sheet.

Advantages: no harm, no pollution, no adhesive glue, preparation time shortened, dry product right.

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