PA Printing Material

Thursday September 7th, 2017

PA printing materials have the following characteristics:
– Excellent breathability.
– Poor waterproof.
– There is no rigidity like PP, so no bottle production.
– Ability to absorb water, steam.
– High O2, N2, CO2 resistance.
– High mechanical strength: resistant to collisions, resistant to abrasion, abrasion, and torn or perforated packaging.
– The ability to heat paste is quite good.
– Able to print well, no need to treat the surface before printing.

– PA film sealed with PE, used for frozen food packaging and liquid foods can withstand pasteurization temperatures of up to 1000C in
10 minutes, or shrink wrap food products.
– Used as vacuum packaging or packaging to prevent O2 permeation or odor discharge.

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